An Open Letter

Dad I miss you so much.
You know you didnt have to leave, right?
You could’ve just stayed a little longer.
Just long enough to enjoy the fruits of your labour.
Or at least to see us graduate.
To see your son become a doctor.
You didnt have to leave so soon and leave us
To live in a world where your light isn’t guiding us.
To live in a world where your kindness and laughter cannot be felt or heard
How am I going to tell people that my father couldn’t come to see me graduate because he left?
It’s been 2 years but you know it feels like it was just yesterday. It might as well be
And it’s never too late to change your mind and come back.
Just say the word and I’ll come get you,
Wherever you are.
It’s not too far, I’ll be there daddy
Just say the word, a word, anything, any sound, just move your lips, utter something, just breathe dad. Breathe. And I’ll come for you and bring you back to where you belong.
Which is home. With us. Your loving family.
We don’t deserve this, this living without you.
No one does. Come back dad, please
Come and tell me how to continue in this life because I’m tired
Im tired. I guess you were tired too.
The cancer made you tired. But it’s not too late dad.
Just say anything, dad, and I’ll come for you.
Let’s be tired together.

This is another page please. Thank You.


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